Monday, October 29, 2007

Palace Theatre Guild 1st Meeting

***Update*** Sunday, Nov 11th. 5pm, at the Palace

Some of you have heard about it, many of you talked about and suggested it. It’s time to get together and get it started. The Palace Theater Guild. What is it? What does a guild do? In many theaters, the guild is an organization of actors, techies, actors who secretly want to be techies, techies who less than secretly want to be actors, artists, parents, brothers and anyone who loves the theater and wants to get involved in ways other than just putting on the shows. The guild itself puts on auditions workshops, adult acting classes, theatrical workshops of all kinds, award ceremonies, movie night, scavenger hunts, fund raisers and much, much more.

Interested? We hope so. We want to get everyone who is interested together in the same room to talk about it and eat some fantastic barbecue. We’ll provide the food and drinks, and everything else. We just ask you to bring yourselves, your families, your friends, your parents, anyone who might be interested. The Guild will not run, created by or maintained by the Palace, but those who’ve worked so hard to make the Palace such a fantastic place to work and play. Please pass the news on to anyone you know who might want to get involved.

Please leave comments with your thoughts and whether you plan to attend so we know how much food to prepare.